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Brewed out of necessity

In a year filled with new stresses, our relationship with coffee got a little complicated. We dreamt of a coffee that tasted good, brewed from ingredients that felt good, and by a company that did good. After a year of roasting, brewing, and refining, our vision for a better coffee experience is here.

Built online

Jibby Coffee is the product of our combined love of coffee and entrepreneurship. We’re both Venture for America fellows, previously working for startups in atypical places—James in Detroit, and Alvaro in Birmingham, AL. In the midst of a pandemic and with the help of the internet, we started building Jibby Coffee in May of 2020.

Want to try some?

Nearly a year later, we get to share our beloved beverage with the world. We hope you'll love it as much as we do. Cheers.