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Founded on Zoom

When COVID hit, we were both stuck inside working from home. With no one to stop us, we were home-brewing and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Over one of those Zoom happy hours, we chatted about how our coffee jitters was affecting our work. With free time and a common enemy, we brewed our solution: Jibby Coffee.

Brewed Out of Necessity

With a brother in the CBD space, Alvaro had learned early on how beneficial CBD can be. He later learned that many people were adding CBD to coffee for those same reasons. When we tried it, we found that a lower dose of CBD complemented the energy of caffeine but balanced out the unwanted side effects we were experiencing. Working with top coffee roasters and using pharma-grade, tasteless CBD, we were able to make an enhanced coffee experience that was still, at its core, coffee.

Building Jibby Coffee

Jibby Coffee is the product of our combined love of coffee and entrepreneurship. We’re both Venture for America fellows, previously working for startups in atypical places—James in Detroit, and Alvaro in Birmingham, AL. In the midst of a pandemic and with the help of the internet and FaceTime, we started building Jibby Coffee in May of 2020.

Want to try some?

Six months later, we get to share our beloved beverage with the world. We hope you'll love it as much as we do. Cheers.