The Jibby Story

Our Simple Beginning

Jibby started with a straightforward mission: to transform your morning routine into a wellness ritual. We realized that our daily coffee & tea habit offered a perfect canvas to integrate elements that support not just energy, but overall health. By infusing collagen, mushrooms, superfoods, and other beneficial ingredients into every cup, we aimed to create a beverage that supports your body, mind, and spirit from the inside out.

Sustainability at Heart

From the get-go, sustainability wasn’t just a buzzword for us; it was a commitment, a non-negotiable aspect embedded into the fabric of Jibby. We understood that wellness is not just about individual health but the health of our planet too. That’s why we are dedicated to Fair Trade and Organic sourcing practices, ensuring that the ingredients in your cup are not only nourishing for you but also kind to the earth and supportive of the hardworking producers who grow them.

Giving Back with Every Sip

Our partnership with 1% for the Planet reflects our pledge to be active contributors to the global environmental movement. With every purchase of Jibby products, a portion goes towards supporting initiatives and organizations that are at the forefront of ecological conservation and sustainability. It’s our way of ensuring that with every sip of Jibby, you’re part of a larger community that cares, contributes, and actively participates in the stewardship of our shared home.

Your Wellness, Our Journey

At Jibby, every product we craft is a step towards making wellness an effortless, integral part of your day. We’re here to accompany you on your wellness journey, offering a cup that’s not just about flavor, but also about nourishment, sustainability, and a shared responsibility towards our planet. Join us in making wellness a ritual, a delightful, daily celebration with Jibby at your side.