Coffee & Art: A World of Good Vibes with Vic Garcia

by James Reina

Vic Garcia is a full time artist/designer of brands @vicgarcia and @vgastudios! Most importantly, he is a dreamer and someone doing what he loves to do.

Introduce yourself! Who are you, what floats your boat?

I am Vic Garcia. I am a Cuban-American artist and designer from Miami. Through my art, I have created a world of good vibes and characters who I call the “Studio Friends.” Every character has their own story, personalities and traits. Imagine a world where there are no superiors, no discrimination and no judgement, and that’s the world I have created and the mindset I choose to live in.

What inspires you, what drives your creativity?

I am inspired by my day to day life and the people I come across. As an uncle of 10, kids are the main inspiration for me. A teacher once told me to stop doing stick figures, and that’s why I do them, in honor of that teacher. I am also inspired by other artists and creative forces. Some of my greatest role models are Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, Ralph Lauren, KAWS, Takashi Murakami and Pharrell Williams. Most importantly, my parents and grandparents, who without them, there wouldn’t be Vic Garcia.

What artist living or dead would you like to get a coffee with? What kind of coffee do you think they would drink and why? (ex. cappuccino, black, etc.)

One of my greatest admirations is Walt Disney so I would take him to get coffee. I would take him to Versailles on Calle Ocho to have a cortadito because I’m very curious how he would react to the Cuban culture that is so important to who I am. The cortadito is iconic to our Cuban heritage and to have Walt Disney on 8th street having a cortadito would be a next-level experience for us. #DreamBIG

Why do you love what you do?

They say when you’re doing what you love, it’s not work. I am blessed to be able to make my passion my full-time job. Giving back to the community is what brings me the most joy. I do what I do because I am motivated to #InspireTheYouth any chance I get. Children can #DreamBIG if they put their mind, passion and devotion towards what they love. Kids are the future and every time my paint touches a canvas, wall, or paper, I have a vivid intention of what I want to share with the others. I want people to connect with my world, disconnect from the crazy world we are living in and reconnect with their inner child. Today, my ability to bring good vibes and happy people into our world stimulates my heart and passion into expanding on what I love.

Do you have any advice for aspiring creatives?

You have to believe in yourself first and foremost and do what you love. There’s going to be bumps in the roads but it’s in those moments that you grow. All different types of people are going to tell you all different types of things but you have to soak in only what inspires you to be better. If you put enough hard work and passion into whatever you do, you are destined for greatness. Surround yourself with people that can only make you better and bring out the best in you. Most importantly have fun and #SmileAlways.

What's next for you?

The world is endless and I stay up sleepless nights turning my hobby into a BIG dream. Our goal is to send good messages and good vibes through art. I say “our” because it is about the characters that live within the world I’ve created and the messages they are representing. While creating, giving back to the community and inspiring the youth is what is most important to me. I love that I can do this through so many different mediums such as: murals, canvases, clothing and now putting the characters into 3D statues. It’s a limitless dimension.

Where can we find more of your work?

If you want to see a canvas/mural you can visit:

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  • Vic is one of the most genuine and compassionate people I know. His ability to spread joy everywhere he goes is uncanny and his artistic gift is such an inspiration. Keep inspiring the youth VG! Love you homie.

    Great article!
    Now I just have to go try some JIBBY ☕

    Tony Goudie -

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