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Cold Brew Coffee w/ CBD (11 oz)


The feel-good coffee

Refreshingly smooth, naturally sweet, and remarkably crash-free–Coffee for energy, CBD for focus, Jibby for balance. Take the best parts of coffee and leave the rest at home. 25mg of Hemp CBD, 5 calories, 0g of sugar, Plant-based, and Fair Trade Organic coffee.

We source sustainably

Our cold brew blend is sourced from small-batch organic farms in Colombia. Farmers are paid a premium for their delicious, chocolatey coffee. The hemp we source is 100% American grown and pesticide-free. It is processed in a lab in Colorado to be isolated carefully and fully stripped of all unwanted ingredients, like THC.


Chocolatey and naturally-sweet, our coffee is smooth as butter and crisp like a Red Delicious. Roasted at a beautiful medium, it's a classic Colombian with the legs to last all day.


Our cold brew is a blend of Caturra, Castillo, and Colombia coffee varieties, grown in the storied coffee-growing regions of Huila and Nariño, Colombia.


Our coffee beans are washed and later roasted in state-of-the-art and energy-efficient Loring Roasters. Roast "levels" are measured differently by each roaster but we'd say our roast is a perfect medium. It rests for nine days and is then cold-brewed for 18 hours. Though our cold brew is shelf-stable, we never use and never plan to use preservatives. Finally, our tasteless CBD is added to create a truly sessionable and delicious cup of coffee.

100% American-grown

We source our hemp from farmers in Colorado, Kentucky, Oregon and Washington. We've partnered with labs in Colorado to extract CBD isolate purely and consistently so that each cup of Jibby is just as smooth and effective as the last, and every batch is lab tested for potency and purity (you can find our CoAs here.) 

People, plants, planet

Sustainability is one of those buzzwords that a lot of brands are using. This word means something to us, though. It means sourcing quality, Organic coffee and paying a premium to farmers. It means roasting coffee using energy-efficient processes. It means using packaging and packing materials that are rarely, if ever, plastic. Our can-holders are designed to be reusable and are made from recycled plastic. Finally, sustainability means sharing with all sorts of stakeholders, from educating about and lifting up historically-disenfranchised groups to donating 1% of every dollar to those that do not have resources that we have plenty of. That's why we partnered with charity:water to provide clean water to communities in need.

Cold Brew Coffee w/ CBD (11 oz)

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Dan D.
United States United States

Any give away

Great coffee ever!!!! Smooth with a rich true coffee flavor

  • How did it taste? Bad MehYumm
  • How did you feel? Anxious OKFocused zen
Bridget J.
United States United States

Resident Lightweight with Feedback!!

Seriously love it!! I am very sensitive to legit any substance so I feel like this perfectly counterbalanced the caffeine jitters without being too much cbd. I know it's kinda wild that I can have too much cbd but I swear it happens.

Jibby Coffee Cold Brew Coffee w/ CBD (11 oz) Review
Tony a.
United States

Incredible all around! Wish I could do 6 stars!!!

  • How did it taste? Bad MehYumm
  • How did you feel? Regular Joe ☕️OKFocused zen
Ann B.
United States United States

Jibby is my new coffee

Jibby is exactly as advertised. It is great tasting coffee that has none of the unpleasant side effects of coffee. Smooth, robust and delicious, Jibby is my new coffee. Focused Zen is real and Jibby helped me find it.

  • How did it taste? Bad MehYumm
  • How did you feel? Regular Joe ☕️OKFocused zen
Hagar B.
United States United States

Great for my ADHD

I loved Jibby, usually I drink coffee to focus but sometimes it does the opposite affect, since the effects of ADHD and caffeine are always all over the place. But with Jibby i've been able to focus every single time, it's been great for my job!

  • How did it taste? Bad MehYumm
  • How did you feel? Regular Joe ☕️OKFocused zen