• Cold Brew Coffee with CBD - Jibby Coffee
  • Cold Brew Coffee with CBD - Jibby Coffee
  • Cold Brew Coffee with CBD - Jibby Coffee
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Cold Brew Coffee with CBD

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Clean energy with clarity

Coffee for energy and CBD for focus. Our straight black cold brew is brewed for the purists: refreshingly smooth, naturally sweet, and remarkably crash-free.

🌎 Fair trade organic coffee

🌱 25mg hemp CBD

☕️ 135mg caffeine (about a double espresso)

👍 5 calories, zero-sugar

Plant-based • 25MG CBD • Focus & Clarity Boosting• Fair Trade Coffee • Dairy-free •

"Jibby changed the game for me … this stuff is magic"

"The Best CBD Coffee Brands... for Jitter-Free Focus"

"A really well-balanced coffee"

"Jibby is The Bomb Dot Com"

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Feel uplifted & grounded. Caffeine for energy, natural hemp CBD for focus. ✌️

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Hagar B.
United States United States

Great for my ADHD

I loved Jibby, usually I drink coffee to focus but sometimes it does the opposite affect, since the effects of ADHD and caffeine are always all over the place. But with Jibby i've been able to focus every single time, it's been great for my job!

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Danielle G.
United States United States

Worth the hype

Tastes so good! And unlike normal coffee I didn’t get any jitters! Highly recommend to anyone who tends to get anxious from caffeine. And it’s only 5 calories!

Bridget J.
United States United States

Resident Lightweight with Feedback!!

Seriously love it!! I am very sensitive to legit any substance so I feel like this perfectly counterbalanced the caffeine jitters without being too much cbd. I know it's kinda wild that I can have too much cbd but I swear it happens.

Monique J.
United States

Awake and comfortable

I first experienced Jibby at a night market from a vendor. I had been working all day and was in a bit of discomfort. I wanted a quick pick me up and woah did I get more than I bargained for. Not only did I wake up and stay up I felt more at ease and by the time I got back home I had realized I was not experiencing any discomfort in my feet or back. The CBD packed it’s own punch. The taste was amazingly pleasant I expected it to have some type of artificial or off taste but nope I was wrong. Nothing wired or funky. I decided the next morning to see if I was able to purchase Jibby online and to my excitement I was able too. I’m hooked now I can’t get enough I need one every day to get me through my long commute and busy days.

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Kristen H.
United States United States


I love EVERYTHING about it. I don’t usually love how regular coffee makes me feel but this coffee is everything! Drinking it by itself it’s strong for me but adding almond milk and creamer and it’s literally perfect. The CBD is perfect for me because I have a super hard time focusing.

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  • How did you feel? Regular Joe ☕️OKFocused zen