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Coffee that's kind to the mind

We found that 25mg of CBD works synergistically with coffee's natural caffeine energy—providing a steady fuel for productivity.

CBD is not THC

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant. In other words, it won't get you high.

CBD Balances Caffeine

American's take CBD to help alleviate life's daily stresses. We've added American-grown hemp to our CBD Cold Brew to brew coffee that's kinder to the mind than your regular Joe. 

What is CBD Isolate?

Our CBD is rigorously lab-tested and isolated to 99% purity with less than 1% of any other unwanted cannabinoids. We know that other (lesser understood) cannabinoids can be found in broad or full-spectrum hemp, but we use CBD isolate because it's the purest and most consistent way to enjoy the synergistic benefits of CBD and coffee.

We (used to) get coffee jitters

Try coffee that's kind to the mind.