Meet Avo

Our story begins with a comics-loving goofball named Avo. Avo had spent 2/3 of his life on ADHD meds. When he decided he didn’t want to spend his whole life on medication, he struggled having to balance having no energy and having so much that he was distracted. 

Avo's quest for a natural fix

In search of a cleaner productivity fuel, Avo ventured through forums, science books, and Reddit groups for other people with ADHD. He learned about hemp, an ingredient others had started using to great success. After trying it once, he struggled to remember to take it consistently. “What could I add it to?” he thought, sipping his 3rd coffee of the day.

From the grounds up

Coffee had become a fixture of Avo’s day and brought him so much comfort in the morning. On the first day of trying hemp with coffee, Avo instantly felt the uplift of the caffeine and yet felt grounded and clear. Over the next few months, he started feeling the cumulative benefits of hemp and was better able to manage his ADHD.

James & the tiny cherry

Over in Brooklyn, NY, James was experiencing a different problem. James fell in love with coffee, roasting beans in his mom’s kitchen. He travelled the world to try all the major varieties of the coffee bean, which to his surprise, is actually the pit of a cherry (!). However, James developed a sensitivity to caffeine that started giving him jitters. In his own quest for a smoother brew, James met Avo, who introduced him to hemp coffee. They became fast friends and started Jibby in 2020.

Building with intention

From the moment we founded Jibby, we’ve aspired to have the most natural, functional, and healthiest coffee on the shelf. Perhaps equally important, we have also made it a mission to be a leader in social impact and transparency. That's why we donate 1% to the Planet and have partnered with Beam to let you choose which high-impact organization we donate to at every sale.

The Jibby Community's Impact

1% of every Jibby purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice.
Check out the impact the Jibby community is making below.