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A little history of

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold-brewed coffee has been enjoyed as early as the 17th century by the Japanese, who drank an early form of cold brew—or what we today call Kyoto-style coffee. Cold brew has seen recent popularity due to its naturally-sweet and smooth flavor. The process is simple (enough): water, coffee, time.

Small-batch, Organic Colombian Coffee

We use a blend for cold brew that is pulled from these farms’ top lots. Most importantly, farmers are paid a premium, always above market value, to keep their farms independent and their processes pure.

Sustainable Roasting Practices

Traditional roasting technology is stuck in the 1800s. Our (aerospace engineer-designed) roaster produces an impressively aromatic, rich coffee while keeping energy consumption 75% more efficient than traditional roasters. We blend two beans, one roasted at medium-light, the other at medium-dark, that combine to form a naturally chocolatey, marzipan-y, citrusy taste.

18-Hour Cold Brewed

Once roasted, our beans rest for 27 days (they deserve it) before being cold brewed. We then lovingly brew for 18 hours, at the temperature it's likely to be enjoyed at: cold. For the final step, we mix in hemp-derived and American grown CBD to round out our beloved brew. The result: a coffee that tastes good and feels good.

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