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CBD Cold Brew To Go


The feel-good coffee

A deliciously rich blend from the Nariño and Huila regions, cold-brewed for 18 hours, and infused with American grown hemp-derived CBD. Dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, no added sugar and no compromises—made in the US and 100% recyclable. Cheers!

We source sustainably

Our cold brew blend is sourced from small-batch organic farms in Colombia. Farmers are paid a premium for their delicious, chocolatey coffee. The hemp we source is 100% American grown and pesticide-free. It is processed in a lab in Colorado to be isolated carefully and fully stripped of all unwanted ingredients, like THC.

The Marvelous, Energizing Fruit

Our coffee starts on small, sustainable farms in Colombia. It travels to Minnesota to roast (at a perfect medium) and rest for 27 days to develop. It's then lovingly cold brewed for 18 hours to be delicious and energizing. Finished, it's naturally sweet with notes of chocolate and citrus.

Purified Through Reverse Osmosis

Great cold brew coffee starts with purified water. We use reverse-osmosis water to bring out the best in our beans. Finding great water for us was easy. For much of the world, however, that's not the case. We're donating 1% of our sales to charity:water to deliver clean water to communities in need.

American Hemp-Derived CBD

CBD, or cannabidiol, is extracted from the hemp plant. We use American-grown hemp-derived CBD to help balance our coffee.

CBD Cold Brew To Go

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Max L.
United States United States
Revolutionary Coffee

This coffee is the start of something new. I as well as many people I know deal with the anxiety and jitters of the day to day coffee usage. Often times this gets in the way of performance in school work or job work. This has all changed. Jibby gives me the kickstart to the day that I need. I get the energy boost and focus boost, without crashing. Since the first can my productivity has only gone upwards. I cannot recommend this coffee enough. Not to mention the personalized notes they offer with their coffee and the great customer service it really gives the consumer a stake in the brand.

Roee S.
United States United States
Ummm.... GAME CHANGER??!?!??!!

I don’t even know where to start. For years I’ve been at war with coffee... My body wants it, and I love the flavor of coffee, but I’m always getting those uncomfortable coffee jitters. So for as long as I can remember I’ve been trying different brands and blends in search of a product that was perfect for me. I wanted something that was strong yet smooth and delicious, but I also had to make sure it wouldn’t give me the jitters. And then I came across Jibby. I don’t usually get excited over coffee anymore.. because for years I feel I’ve been searching for a product that didn’t exist. But oh my god I can’t believe it actually does!!! I’ve been drinking one of these bad boys every morning for a while now, and let me tell you... it’s PERFECT! If you want a coffee that will boost you up, without those other side effects... then Jibby is deff for you! Oh and you don’t have to sacrifice on the flavor either! It’s delicious! Highly recommended to anybody dealing with the same things I dealt with!!!!

Nathan .
United States United States
Game Changing Coffee

This is such a great concept! I ordered some for my friend and referred my sister who are both avid coffee drinkers and they absolutely loved it. The founders did an amazing job of making it a great experience for their first customers with handwritten notes attached to each order!

Sarah C.
United States United States
Feels GOOD!

I'm SO enjoying my first order of Jibby Coffee. Ordering was smooth, delivery was swift, and the results are delicious. I'm an afternoon cold brew drinker and Jibby gives me the subtle boost I need to get through the workday. Thanks James & Alvaro!

Alexia M.
United States United States
my new obsession!!!!

I purchased jibby coffee because I love the energy boost from coffee but I don’t want the jitters, and I was so happy with the results! Will definitely be ordering again !