• Matcha Latte with CBD
  • Matcha Latte with CBD
  • Matcha Latte with CBD
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Matcha Latte with CBD

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Antioxidant-rich, zen energy

Our oat matcha latte is made with ceremonial-grade organic tea leaves, blended with rich & creamy oat milk, sweetened with a hint of cane sugar, and balanced with CBD to form a delicious, zen, and antioxidant-rich latte.

🌎 Fair Trade Certified matcha

🌱 25mg hemp CBD

🍵 40mg caffeine (about half a cup of coffee)

👍 80 calories, dairy-free

Plant-based • 25MG CBD • Focus & Clarity Boosting• Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha • Dairy-free

"Jibby changed the game for me … this stuff is magic"

"Claim some calm with this 25mg can of Cold Brew"

"The Best CBD Coffee Brands... for Jitter-Free Focus"

Who is Jibby?

We brew drinks balanced with hemp CBD and MCT oil—designed for energy, focus, & clarity.

How will CBD coffee make me feel?

You'll feel uplifted & grounded. Our coffee is designed to help you feel focused, energized, and inspired so you can be your most productive and creative self.

What is CBD?

Hemp-derived CBD helps balance body and mind by supporting your endocannabinoid system. Over time, CBD can foster a calm but focused state of mind and help bring stability to your wellbeing.

Our CBD is U.S. grown using organic farming practices and is alway 3rd-party lab tested for potency and purity. You can view our Certificate of Analysis here (CoAs).

When should I drink Jibby?

Most people use Jibby as a replacement to their morning coffee in order to start the day focused & energized. You can also use it during work to stay productive yet calm, before a workout for energy and recovery, or simply anytime you need a moment to focus and rebalance.

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Feel uplifted & grounded. Caffeine for energy, natural hemp CBD for focus. ✌️

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United States United States

Smoooooooooth taste

By far the best matcha I've tried, keeps me focused and energized. 10/10

  • How did you feel? Regular Joe ☕️OKFocused zen
  • How did it taste? Bad MehYumm
Kassidy I.
United States United States

Best ever

I love Jibby, helps me start my morning and calm my anxiety.

  • How did it taste? Bad MehYumm
  • How did you feel? Regular Joe ☕️OKFocused zen
Jennifer K.
United States United States


First of all, it's dairy free, so ring the alarms because this tastes damn good. The CBD adds an earthy flavor and truly grounds you when you need it most. Huge fan! And shout out to James and his incredible customer service - appreciate you tremendously for helping me out when I unknowingly purchased a can from an NYC bodega that, let's just say nicely, wasn't fit for consumption. So glad that first interaction didn't leave a sour taste enough to make me not want to try it again and boom- so worth it!

  • How did it taste? Bad MehYumm
  • How did you feel? Regular Joe ☕️OKFocused zen
United States United States


I expected it to be a bit thicker. When I poured it into a glass it was rather watery and not exactly green. Has a decent matcha flavor not overpowered by the cbd. Fun to try, but won't be a mainstay in my fridge.

  • How did it taste? Bad MehYumm
  • How did you feel? Regular Joe ☕️OKFocused zen
United States United States

Hard not to drink all in one sip!

Excellent! I'm typically a slow sipper, but this just went down too smoothly! Energized, calm, and taste buds satisfied : )

  • How did it taste? Bad MehYumm
  • How did you feel? Regular Joe ☕️OKFocused zen