• Oat Milk Latte with CBD
  • Oat Milk Latte with CBD (coming soon!) - Jibby Coffee
  • Oat Milk Latte with CBD (coming soon!) - Jibby Coffee
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Oat Milk Latte with CBD

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Creamy & crash free

Rich and coffee-forward, our oat milk latte is a perfect combination of organic coffee and creamy oat milk. Lightly sweetened with cane sugar and balanced with CBD to form a remarkably delicious and crash-free latte.

🌎 Fair Trade Certified coffee

🌱 25mg hemp CBD

☕️ 110mg caffeine (about a cup of coffee)

👍 90 calories, dairy-free

Plant-based • 25MG CBD • Focus & Clarity Boosting• Fair Trade Coffee • Dairy-free •

"The Best CBD Coffee Brands... for Jitter-Free Focus"

"Claim some calm with this 25mg can of Cold Brew"

"Jibby changed the game for me … this stuff is magic"

Who is Jibby?

We brew drinks balanced with hemp CBD and MCT oil—designed for energy, focus, & clarity.

How will CBD coffee make me feel?

You'll feel uplifted & grounded. Our coffee is designed to help you feel focused, energized, and inspired so you can be your most productive and creative self.

What is CBD?

Hemp-derived CBD helps balance body and mind by supporting your endocannabinoid system. Over time, CBD can foster a calm but focused state of mind and help bring stability to your wellbeing.

Our CBD is U.S. grown using organic farming practices and is alway 3rd-party lab tested for potency and purity. You can view our Certificate of Analysis here (CoAs).

When should I drink Jibby?

Most people use Jibby as a replacement to their morning coffee in order to start the day focused & energized. You can also use it during work to stay productive yet calm, before a workout for energy and recovery, or simply anytime you need a moment to focus and rebalance.

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Feel uplifted & grounded. Caffeine for energy, natural hemp CBD for focus. ✌️

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Brian J. Kennedy
United States United States

Love me some Jibby!

Tastes great, 100% recommend!

  • How did it taste? Bad MehYumm
  • How did you feel? Regular Joe ☕️OKFocused zen
United States United States

How do you spell…… scrumptious and perfect??

Its my morning, night or noon go to. I can always count on my oat latte before work just to wake me up a bit but not get me jittery at all compared to the usual cold brew that is anxiety inducing…. During the day, its also a great idea and theres no fluctuation in my mood necessarily which too much caffeine can do. And lastly, I am impressed by the fact that I can somehow sleep just fine if I decide to sip on jibby at night as well.. idk… it’s magic.

  • How did you feel? Regular Joe ☕️OKFocused zen
  • How did it taste? Bad MehYumm
Hollis R.
United States United States

I’m obsessed

I’m the BIGGEST fan of y’all after my first order! The feelings I got from Jibby were so calm, focused, and happy! So obsessed!!!

  • How did you feel? Regular Joe ☕️OKFocused zen
  • How did it taste? Bad MehYumm
United States United States


Very smooth and tasty! Never been a fan of oat milk but this latte has converted me! Jibby never misses

  • How did you feel? Regular Joe ☕️OKFocused zen
  • How did it taste? Bad MehYumm
United States United States

So good!!

Love the Oat Milk latte! My favorite from the Jibby lineup.

  • How did you feel? Regular Joe ☕️OKFocused zen
  • How did it taste? Bad MehYumm